Good Furniture Needs
Good Solutions

We produce hardware components with attention to every detail.

Company Philosophy

We achieve the ideal balance of clever technology, functionality, and aesthetics. With this in mind, we design and manufacture a wide range of fittings that serve a variety of purposes, ranging from drawer and runner systems to hinges and folding and sliding door systems.
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    The quality of the iron hardware is really good. The arc of the hardware of the handle fits the hand shape. The slides of the drawers are also very smooth.
    Company Buyer :Evangeline
    Finding proven and reliable solutions poses quite a challenge for furniture manufacturers. Functional accessories such as hinges must be characterised by durability and resistance to frequent use.
    Company Manager :Mattew
    Although they are typically not very noticeable, they are crucial to the orderly and effortless pulling out of drawers.The quality of iron is really good.

Innovations for Every Furniture Environment

We have shaped the flexibility and multifunctionality of today's furniture concepts by introducing various advancements and never-ending fresh ideas. Our furniture technology contributes significantly to all of this. We'll keep researching because it's something we're passionate about. 
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Our Experts

 Our company consists of people with passion who feel the need to do something better and discover new opportunities. Our specialists do not rest on their laurels and improve their skills.
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For twenty years, we have consistently combined ergonomics and design, and as a result, we are a Chinese enterprise. For millions of families and offices worldwide, we are improving daily life by offering affordable products.

Our Range

We provide more than 2000 goods, including drawer systems, wardrobe accessories, lifts, slides, and hinges. The specifications of certified centers in Europe and other parts of the world are met by GTV products. We give careful consideration to both the level of craftsmanship and the practicality of the designs.
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